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T.R.I.P.- Tuition Reduction Incentive Program


What is TRIP?

TRIP is a scrip fundraising program. What is scrip? Scrip is an alternative
method to pay for everyday purchases. It may be a gift card or an electronic
form of scrip called ScripNOW. Scrip offers big earnings with no selling— it's
fundraising while you shop!

How does it work? Champlain Valley Christian School purchases scrip at a
discount which may range from 2% to 19%. When a family buys scrip at face
value, 50% of the discount (or rebate) CVCS receives is shared with the family.
Rebates may be used as a tuition credit, towards a class fundraiser, for another
qualifying charity or as a cash rebate. A family using scrip just for groceries and
spending $600/month would generate at least $30/month in rebates.
There are over 700 national and local brands of retailers to choose from. Most
national retailers allow their gift cards or ScripNOW to be used for their online
sites. It is a great way to help protect yourself from credit card fraud! Do you
have a smart phone with data services? ScripNOW or ReloadNOW, for
reloadable gift cards, are instantly available scrip cards that may be purchased
even while you are in the store shopping. They may also be ordered from your
desktop before you venture out on your shopping errands.

Great! How do I get started? The school office carries a selection of grocery,
gas, home improvement and dining gift cards for immediate purchase. While you
may get started purchasing scrip anytime, we ask that first time users return an
enrollment form to us. This form is available in the school office, on the website or by sending an email to with the subject
“New Enrollment Form”. It tells us how to communicate with you and how you
wish to receive your rebate. It also provides some details on program

Opportunities to order physical gift cards from all 700 retailers occurs once a
month. Instructions for ordering, order drop-off-pick-up, special bonus offers etc.
are included in an email with the subject “TRIP ORDER DUE” if you have filled
out an enrollment form. Order info is also included in the school’s newsletter.

Rebate Distribution:

The rebate earnings are distributed after the completion of the calendar year.
All participants will receive a summary of their rebate earnings and a timely
prepared receipt documenting the tax deductible portion of their participation in
the program.

TRIP History:

TRIP was launched during the new building phase of CVCS which was
completed in 2008. Its objective was and is, first, to painlessly generate funds to
support the construction and mortgage repayment of CVCS. To date, no
amounts are included in the school budget for mortgage repayment. It relies on
the TRIP program, generous donors and special events to meet annual mortgage
obligations. The second objective is to help families defray their tuition cost which
is accomplished by sharing rebates earned by T.R.I.P.

Thank you for your interest in T.R.I.P!