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CVCS offers 1-2 chapels every month. Chapels are led by local pastors and/or CVCS staff. It's an opportunity for the whole school to come together to sing and learn about God's Word and how that can be applied to our lives. Parents, friends and family are also welcome to attend these chapels.

Christmas Program

Each December, CVCS puts on a beloved Christmas program for the community. Enthusiastic and sometimes nervous students showcase their handmade stage sets and perform through song and dance. The students, parents, teachers and the broader school community come together for this wonderful Christmas celebration. 

Veterans Day

Each November, CVCS hosts a Veterans Day program which includes a breakfast. Students from each class present poems, songs and/or skits to honor those who have served in our community and abroad. 

Grandparents & Grandfriends Day

Each Spring, CVCS hosts Grandparents and Grand-friends Day. During our program, each class presents a song, story or activity and then guests are invited to check out the children's classrooms. It is such a delight to fill the halls of the school with many generations, many of whom helped build this school. 


We offer art, music, and physical education for each grade. 

Physical Education (PE)
Physical education classes involve activities, games, and competitions that promote physical fitness, character building, and sportsmanship. These classes provide students with a break from academic work and help them develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Art classes allow students to explore their creativity and express themselves through various mediums such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. These classes help in developing fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, and an appreciation for aesthetics.

Music classes also allow students to explore their creativity and express themselves through singing, rhythm, playing with music, and understanding musical theory. It enhances students' auditory skills, coordination, and cultural awareness.